– Sustainable Design –

At Draper, sustainability is more than a word; it’s in our DNA. Since the very beginning, we’ve designed our products and processes with sustainability in mind. We’ve been industry leaders in the introduction of “green” products in all of our product lines, and we’ve received regional awards for our dedication to and work for sustainability.


Draper window shades and solar control products help save money and natural resources by managing and maximizing daylight. MORE


Draper continually works to make sure we promote sustainability in our manufacturing processes and the materials we use. MORE


Draper was a leader in recognizing the importance of the U.S. Green Building Council’s efforts to promote sustainable architecture. MORE


Draper probably takes sustainability a bit more seriously than some because we have chosen to remain in the small east central Indiana town—Spiceland, Indiana—where it all started in 1902. MORE


Usually, when we talk about sustainability we’re thinking more about ways to save energy and resources through various methods. MORE



One of the easiest sustainability habits is recycling. Not only does Draper have an aggressive recycling program, we will also accept end-of-life Draper products back and dismantle them for recycling. The sender, however, is responsible for all shipping costs. MORE


Draper provides several educational materials to help architects, designers, dealers, and owners understand how to use our products as part of a sustainable design. MORE


Find out more about our sustainability initiative on our blog. Here you’ll find articles about our sustainable design, sustainable materials and sustainable production. MORE