Solar Control

In today’s world of conservation and rising energy costs, it is important to keep a handle on your building’s energy consumption. One of the easiest ways to do this is with the use of the sun’s natural light. Natural sunlight provides a building with free light and keeps it warm at the same time. Many studies have found that the sun’s natural light helps productivity and learning as well. At the same time, however, sunlight can overrun a facility causing problems such as high energy costs for constant air conditioning, eyestrain from glare on computers, hot spots in the building and lethargy in employees. Draper window coverings can keep out heat, glare, and in some styles still maintain a view for people inside the building. Draper also has fabrics that have been GreenGuard certified as low in emissions which contribute to a healthier environment.

Sheerweave Ecolibrium


DOW ECOLIBRIUM™ Bio-Based Plasticizers offer a renewable alternative that is phthalate-free, offering a more sustainable option while having the same great performance and feel of current materials.

What is the benefit of a phthalate-free product? Many agencies and organizations, including the EPA and FDA, are studying the effects of human exposure to phthalates. This statement is from “EPA is concerned about phthalates because of their toxicity and the evidence of pervasive human and environmental exposure to these chemicals. Phthalates are used in many industrial and consumer products, many of which pose potentially high exposure. Phthalates have been detected in food and also measured in humans.” Ideal for use in interior and exterior shades.  MORE

E Screen with KOOLBLACK Technology

For the first time ever, KOOLBLACK® Technology incorporates reflective properties into dark color screen fabrics. This feature, coupled with the other benefits of dark colored fabrics, provides excellent contrast for a clear & sharp view through, color coordinated exterior building design, comfortable work environments and maximized energy savings through reduced cooling costs.


GreenScreen Revive – Cradle to Cradle Certified

GreenScreen Revive

GreenScreen Revive is a revolutionary new sustainable window shade fabric from Draper. GreenScreen Revive combines sustainable values with outstanding performance. GreenScreen Revive has been Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM Silver by MBDC, indicating that it meets or exceeds a rigorous and holistic 5-criteria standard for environmental impact. These criteria include Material Health, Material Reutilization, Energy, Water, and Social Responsibility. This approach signifies a new paradigm in Green Manufacturing–not only working to reduce a product’s negative environmental impact, but also working to increase its positive impact. MORE

LEED® Certified Green Building Projects using Draper Solar Control Products

GreenGuard Certificates

GreenGuard Certificates are linked on individual product pages on our main website: Draper Inc. and GreenGuard Certificates for Gymnasium products can be downloaded HERE as well.

Draper’s Green Site

This web site is dedicated to showing how Draper supports sustainable design. Contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve your goals with sustainable building and design.