One of the easiest sustainability habits is recycling. Not only does Draper have an aggressive recycling program, we will also accept end-of-life Draper products back and dismantle them for recycling. The sender, however, is responsible for all shipping costs.

While we’re happy to do our bit, and accept products back for recycling, it actually makes more sense for decommissioned Draper products to be dismantled and recycled close to the site location. Not only do you save shipping costs, but you also remove a carbon load from the process. You can make much more earth-friendly choices by working with local resources.

To prepare a product for recycling, first separate shade fabrics or viewing surfaces from the metal parts of the unit. Packaging materials are normally recycled when the product is installed. All of Draper’s packaging materials and fillers are recyclable. If the carton has been retained after installation, it can be put into any mixed recycling drop.

All of the metal parts are normally acceptable in mixed recycling drops. If you do a lot of recycling, you may want to separate the aluminum, steel, and motor parts for a metal recycler. Metal recyclers will pay for these items, and they will pay a higher rate if you recycle in large quantities and separate the metals by type. (Pro tip: use a magnet to distinguish steel from aluminum.) Shade and screen motors contain steel and copper, or an electronics recycler in your area may accept motors.

Unsupported vinyl viewing surfaces and vinyl shade fabrics are accepted by many vinyl recyclers. Relatively few recyclers, however, accept vinyl with a woven base or backing.

Another option is to re-purpose the products or materials. For instance, vinyl screen surfaces with a woven backing work well as tarps or drop cloths, so local contractors or your own installation crew may be able to reuse them. If the product being replaced is still in usable condition, donate it to a local organization, or to a local thrift store. Reuse is the most efficient form of recycling, and your donation may be tax deductible!

Below are links to help you find places to donate or recycle Draper products, and ideas on where to take reusable items.

Recycling Location Links:

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