Draper continually works to make sure we promote sustainability in our manufacturing processes and the materials we use. Utilizing Lean Manufacturing methods, we ensure we are making the most use of the space we have, to keep our carbon and building footprints as low as possible.

Through an aggressive program, we have greatly reduced the amount of scrap we produce, and much of what we do have is recycled or reused. For example, we collect and return the cores on which fabrics are rolled on, and return them for reuse. We also return some shade material scrap for recycling. We even reuse shipping pallets and skids.

Since we manufacturer the vast majority of our products in our Spiceland, Indiana facility, we present a smaller carbon footprint than manufacturers who may be importing a great deal of product. We also seek to use the most sustainable materials possible. Our motors and most of our shade fabrics are certified to meet the RoHS lead free standard. We utilize powder coat instead of wet paint. Many of our fabrics are free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).