GreenGuard Certified Gymnasium Equipment

EcoVisionDraper is the first manufacturer of gymnasium equipment to receive GreenGuard Certification for gymnasium equipment. This certification means that our certified products meet the strictest off-gassing standards and contribute to a safer and healthier indoor environment for school age children.

GreenGuard GOLD(SM) Certified products include: EcoVision Wall Pads, EcoVision Class A Flame Retardant Wall Pads, Solid Vinyl Gym Divider Curtain Materials, and Mesh Vinyl Gym Divider Curtain Materials.

Draper’s Powder Coated Finishes on Basketball Backstops Have Environmental Impact

Draper is one of the few basketball backstop manufacturers that provide a Powder Coat finish as standard. Powder Coat not only produces a much more durable finish it can be a cost savings too. Powder coating is safer for our environment as well. It results in significantly less emissions of volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants. Most powder coat over spray is 100% recyclable or re-usable, eliminating waste going to landfills or being released into the environment. Powder coating can also reduce energy consumption during manufacturing.

Recycled Materials

To reduce the demand for virgin materials and divert waste from landfills many of Draper’s Gymnasium Equipment products contain a significant amount of recycled material. Recycled content varies by product, but some of our gymnasium products contain as much as 50% recycled materials. Draper is always looking for ways to benefit the environment by using recycled materials in its products.

LEED® Projects

Draper understands LEED® and the type of information architects and specifiers need to document their qualification for credits. Consult one of Draper’s LEED® Accredited Professionals for assistance in planning for environmentally effective installations. We also provide product submittal sheets for our Gymnasium Equipment. Draper’s Gymnasium Equipment submittal sheets include the necessary information needed to make the documentation of credit qualification as simple as possible. Each sheet includes recycled contents needed for Credit MR-4 and Manufacturing location required for Credit MR-5.

LEED® Certified Green Building Projects using Draper Gymnasium Products

GreenGuard Certificates

GreenGuard Certificates are linked on individual product pages on our main website: Draper Inc. and GreenGuard Certificates for Gymnasium products can be downloaded HERE as well.

Draper’s Green Site

This web site is dedicated to showing how Draper supports sustainable design. Contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve your goals with sustainable building and design.