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Draper supports green building projects and takes sustainable design seriously. On our blog we post articles about how our products support green building, daylighting, shading, and other information about how to get the most out of the products and resources that are available to support an environmentally conscious build.

  • Protect Your Investment with Upgraded Floor Covers
    Using your gym for non-athletic events makes good financial sense. It can be an important source of additional revenue for cash-strapped schools. But it can also cost money through damage and extra cleaning or waxing of the gym floor. Draper can help you make better use of your athletic facility, ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-05-01By Terry Coffey
  • Supergraphics Can Improve Patient Satisfaction in a Healthcare Facility
    Supergraphics —large-scale, printed artwork—have become commonplace in the overall design aesthetic of healthcare facilities. Used in both interior and exterior applications, these graphics can relay important messaging to patients. But when it comes to supergraphics, one area has been overlooked. Designers who utilize supergraphics on walls may neglect the windows, ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-04-27By Terry Coffey
  • The Benefits of Motorized Window Shades
    Window shades have been the preferred daylighting control system of choice for several reasons. Shades allow natural light to enter the room while controlling unwanted, uncomfortable glare. They can provide a view to the outside world – even when the shades are down. Heating and cooling cost savings can be ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-04-24By Terry Coffey
  • Five Ways Draper Supports the Environment
    Sunday is Earth Day. Every year on April 22, people around the world come together to celebrate our planet and work to keep it healthy. But being a good citizen of our planet is not just a once-a-year thing. Here are five ways Draper works year-round toward promoting sustainability: Green ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-04-20By Terry Coffey
  • Four Takeaways from Draper’s Annual Employee Meeting
    On a recent, relatively mild spring day, visitors to Spiceland, Indiana, would have witnessed something strange. The streets of this 800-plus population town were filled with more than 700 people, some walking, others driving, all headed for the same destination: the old Spiceland gym. Residents didn’t bat an eye, though. ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-04-17By Terry Coffey
  • FlexShade Recharge Allows Motorization Without Wiring
    Commerce Tower, located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, is on the National Register of Historic Buildings as the first “curtain wall” building west of the Mississippi. So when a renovation was planned for the landmark, no detail was too small—including solar control. Commerce Tower was planned as a vertical neighborhood, ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-04-13By Terry Coffey
  • New Modular System Cleans Up Large Wall Pad Cut-Outs
    Wall pads are an important part of gymnasium safety. But what happens when there’s something in the way? We’ve all seen situations in gyms where there is a fire extinguisher cabinet, drinking fountain, AED cabinet, or other large obstacle located right in the middle of where wall padding is supposed ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-04-10By Terry Coffey
  • Draper Delivers Even in the Busy Season
    The arrival of spring in the United States means more than warmer temperatures and budding flowers. It also means the construction industry is gearing up for its busiest time of year, and an uptick in window shade orders. The busy season makes it more important than ever that a manufacturing ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-04-06By Terry Coffey
  • Updates That Make Our Shades Even Better
    Splashy new product announcements always seem to get the most attention. But often the most important innovations and improvements are smaller upgrades and advances that are easily overlooked. We’ve recently made several changes in and additions to our window shade line that are small parts of the product, but represent ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-03-30By Terry Coffey
  • TV Show Features Behind-the-Scenes Look at Draper Shade Production
    Giving customers insight into the heart of a manufacturer is an important part of doing business, especially when so many companies conduct business with a kind of “scorched earth” strategy. One way Draper lets people see the real us is through what we call The Draper Experience. We invite them ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-03-23By Terry Coffey
  • NEXD-the Next Generation of Heavy–Duty Shade Clutches
    There are some settings where a standard clutch-operated window shade won’t stand up to rigorous treatment over time. However, due to cost issues a manual shade is still preferred. It’s for such situations that we first introduced the FlexShade® XD heavy-duty clutch. Now the next generation of the heavy-duty XD ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-03-20By Terry Coffey
  • What You’ll Find in the New Solar Control Shading Catalog
    Nothing inspires the imagination of a potential customer like beautiful pictures of real-world solutions. That’s why our new Solar Control Shading Catalog is chock full of project photos. Besides great new images, here are a few things you’ll find in the new catalog: Streamlined Navigation You don’t want to waste ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-03-09By Terry Coffey
  • How Draper Supports Spec Writers
    Specification writers are really just doing what someone else tells them to do, right? Not hardly. Spec writers are responsible for putting together a specification describing the building and everything in it. They must consider and account for a plethora of technical details. The easier it is for them to ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-02-27By Terry Coffey
  • Icebreakers: Six Questions to Ask a Potential Supplier
    Beginning a relationship with a potential supplier should be about more than product pricing. Issues such as customer service, warranty, quality, and shipping schedules must also be considered. Before you even get to those issues, however, there are other questions to consider. Questions that get to the heart of what ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-02-23By Terry Coffey
  • How Draper Supports Interior Designers
    Interior designers just play with color and fabric swatches, right? If that’s your view, you need to rethink! They are extremely important to an architectural firm. They have a great deal to do with how a designed space looks and feels. The interior designer researches, plans, and manages the overall ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-02-20By Terry Coffey