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Draper supports green building projects and takes sustainable design seriously. On our blog we post articles about how our products support green building, daylighting, shading, and other information about how to get the most out of the products and resources that are available to support an environmentally conscious build.

  • Five Times Draper Worked an Angle
    Being good at solving problems requires certain skill sets. You need to be a good listener, adaptable, smart, and open to ideas. You also need to be able to step back and approach the problem from another angle. The cliché term for this is thinking outside the box. Here are ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-12-03By Terry Coffey
  • Five Tips for Custom Solutions
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    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-11-30By Terry Coffey
  • Recognizing the Environmental Benefits of Shade Fabric
    Window shades are an essential part of sustainable building design. Because transparency and accountability are essential to sustainable design, various descriptions and certifications have been developed to identify sustainable characteristics. Here are the most common: You’ll find environmental and other certifications under the “certifications” tab of each fabric’s Draper web ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-11-27By Terry Coffey
  • Draper Design Provides Safe Shading Solution
    American furniture manufacturer Herman Miller, Inc., had a solar control problem at their manufacturing facility in Holland, Michigan, known as the “Greenhouse Factory.” And, as one of the first companies to produce modern furniture that includes many pieces considered icons of industrial design, just any solution wouldn’t do. Unfortunately, the ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-11-23By Terry Coffey
  • Draper Adds to Sustainable Fabric Offerings
    Whether we’re talking about food, consumer products, or building materials, transparency is a popular topic. Whatever people buy, they want to know what’s in it. Such transparency helps architects and designers make sustainable design choices. As part of the drive toward transparency, there are also calls for window shade products ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-11-16By Terry Coffey
  • Special Announcement in Sustainable Solar Control
    Today’s architects are seeking more product transparency and sustainable design choices and we’ve been getting more requests for products with a limited number of ingredients. That’s why we will be making a special announcement at Greenbuild 2018. We can’t say anything more right now, but look for our announcement during ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-11-02By Terry Coffey
  • Updated Daylighting Academy Recognizes Project-by-Project Solutions
    No single solar control solution fits every application, and often there is no standard solution in place. Draper is updating its Daylighting Academy with new educational materials to help architects recognize how to address solar control issues on a project-by-project basis. We will kick off our updated Daylighting Academy October ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-10-26By Terry Coffey
  • Five Ways We Help You Finish the Job Faster
    Time is money. That time-worn statement may be a cliché, but it still applies, especially in the solar control market. Shading solutions are just one part of the construction process and installers have a limited amount of time to get their products installed without impacting the entire project timeline. Here ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-10-19By Terry Coffey
  • Draper Partner Spotlight: NEC
    Sometimes a pre-existing solution just won’t fit the audiovisual need. The demand for custom solutions has been made abundantly clear to us since we introduced our custom audiovisual solutions initiative at InfoComm in June. Industry acceptance of our new initiative has exceeded expectations as we’ve developed partnerships with several top-tier ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-10-16By Terry Coffey
  • Be Aware-National Fire Prevention Week
    This is National Fire Prevention Week, sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The theme for 2018 is “Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware–fire can happen anywhere.” Although Draper products do not fall within fire prevention or suppression categories, we do strive to help fire prevention efforts by using materials ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-10-12By Terry Coffey
  • Interior Design Podcasts You Should Follow
    Design is all around us. It’s everywhere we look, impacting our daily lives in more ways than it’s possible to list. Learning about and keeping up with the design world’s news and trends can be challenging, simply because there is so much going on. Here are several interior design podcasts ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-10-09By Terry Coffey
  • Real-World Solutions for the AEC Community at CONSTRUCT 2018
    Specifying window shades and solar control equipment can be difficult due to the number and variety of styles of shade models, fabrics, controls, and even due to where and how the shading devices will be installed. And what if you need a completely custom solution? At CONSTRUCT 2018, our experts ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-10-02By Terry Coffey
  • We Did What We Tell You Not To
    It’s never a good idea to leave exterior shading systems deployed during very windy conditions. Even with products like the FlexShade ZIP, which are designed to stay put in windy conditions, we stress that the product should not be in the open position during high winds. However we were still ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-09-28By Terry Coffey
  • Architectural Podcasts You Should Follow
    How do you stay up to date on trends, news, and best practices in the architectural community? Consider podcasts. Portable and easy to listen to in the office, car, or at home, well-done podcasts drill deeply into niche topics. Here are seven architectural podcasts you should download and give a ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-09-07By Terry Coffey
  • The Draper New Dealer Guide
    Over the past few years, the window shade industry has undergone substantial growth. Because of this, and shade market factors, Draper has added quite a few new dealers. Working with a new manufacturer can be a bit of a hassle, especially when it comes to specialty custom products like shades. ... read more
    From: Draper Blog – Green CategoryPublished on 2018-08-24By Terry Coffey